Tree Of Paradise Necklace

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The "Tree Of Paradise Necklaces" is a subtle homage to the nature of Martinique, creating a sense of sophistication that insists on being organic and fun. With clusters of beautiful green Peridot, lustrous rice pearls, and twisted branches of 14k gold linking the piece together, there is so much to love in such a delicate package. 


~ Length(Adjustable): 15 1/2" - 17 1/2" Necklace Size Guide

~ Stone: Peridot & Rice Pearl

~ *Metal: 14k Gold vermeil

DESIGN INSPIRATION: Nature has increasingly captivated me and found its way into much of my work. I knew that when traveling around Martinique I wanted to keep my eye out for the natural beauties of the island, such as the lovely tree pictured below. As if it came off the pages of a Dr. Suess book, I spotted this playful plant-life as we walked the streets of "Fort-de-France" and immediately became filled with ideas of how to capture its likeness in a piece. The curved, reaching branches and rounded bunches of foliage suspended in the air, were my biggest inspiration. Though the final product channels more delicate energy, a refined sense of the light, airy, and playful essence is what I aimed to capture.

*Please note: All items are made-to-order and will take 1-3 weeks to be delivered depending on design and materials.