Traveler's Palm Hoops - Medium

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Limited Edition

Simple yet eye-catching, the Traveler's Palm Hoops are a go-to piece in any jewelry collection. Its elegant design and subtle twisted metal detail will make it the perfect piece to accentuate any look.

Available in Gold, Rose Gold, and Sterling Silver.

~ 34 mm. Hoops
~ Metals: Gold Filled, Rose Gold-Filled, Sterling Silver

DESIGN INSPIRATION: Inspired by the Ravenala Madagascariensis, or Traveler's Palm, for its unique braided look at its root. Often found greeting visitors of tropical islands outside of airports, this eccentric palm tree was certainly a lovely welcome to the French-Caribean island of Martinique on my visit. 

*Please note: All items are made to order and will take 1-3 weeks to be delivered depending on design and materials.