Colored In Necklace

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The "Colored In" Necklace is a linking bib piece featuring multi-colored Amazonite stones and cream colored glass rondelles for sparkle and depth. The *14k rose gold intricately sustaining the necklace and framing each bead, illuminates the neckline with its bright, warm tones; pairing beautifully with the colors of any season. 


Length(Adjustable): 14 1/2 in. -18 1/4 in. Necklace Size Guide

~ Stones: Amazonite & Glass Rondelle

~ Metal: *18k Rose Gold vermeil


The colorful architecture of Martinique was love at first sight for me. So, when waiting on the docks one day for our boat to the city of Fort-de-France, looking back to see a deep mountain range filled in with a colorful array of adorable homes, absolutely floored me! I couldn't get enough of the sight. I'm sure the blessed residents of these perfect properties enjoy their daily view overlooking the precious blues of the Caribbean Sea, but from where I was standing I had the best view on the island.

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