Budding Belief Crawler Earrings

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Go for something different with the Budding Belief Crawler Earrings. Made with Freshwater Pearls and real Juniper Seeds(also known as "Solomon's Tears") the beauty this Earth can produce is on full display. Featuring two sterling silver, branch-like earing posts that make their way up the ears; featuring seed pearls; this three-rowed pair of drama and beauty is a glorious nod to the sea and land that surrounds Martinique and that will soon drip from your ears.


~ Length: 2 1/4 in. Earring Size Guide

~ Stones: Juniper Seeds & Freshwater Pearl

~ Metal: Sterling Silver


Fort-de-France held many treasures, as you will discover exploring this collection. The picture below shows two. The building peeking out of the right side is a library which inspired a separate piece in the collection. The design inspiration for Budding Belief is all about the natural ornament growing front and center and the symbolism of its location. This stunning tree caught my attention from miles away; its beautiful white petals and branch formations felt grand and elegant. Learning that it stands outside of this historic library, represented growth, strength, and beauty of the mind through proper education. Making the site all that more special on my journey.

*Note: The tree below is not a Juniper tree. The inspiration to use the seeds came from a talented artist I met in Martinique who gathers these and other seeds herself and uses them throughout her work! Her Facebook: @ArtsDesAnses

*Please note: All items are made-to-order and will take 1-3 weeks to be delivered depending on design and materials.